Trond Kjetil Bremnes

Studying for a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction at NTNU.

My neglected blog is located here. I mostly write other kinds of poetry.

Member of the IT Crowd of ISFiT 2013.

Geek. Tech news junkie. Skeptic. Sometimes a traveller.

First and foremost, I do love working with HTML and the emerging web standards. Secondly, I know my way round a few backend systems, where Ruby on Rails has that special place in my heart. I have also done projects in ASP.net and C#, and dabbled with the Play framework. Lastly, I've been taught Java though my studies, as well as some Python.

I'm often having fun with new and shiny things, which has resulted in a collection of experiments.

What I'm learning gets put to the test in larger projects. Here's a collection of projects I'm either working on now, or have finished, either as a personal project by my self, or as a part of a team.

My CV can be found here.

You are more than welcome to check my GitHub page, where most of my projects are hosted.

Will code for food.